Life Skills Coaching with Apostle Ashleigh (1 session, 15 Minutes)

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Offered by Ap. Ashleigh Cover:
  • General Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Single Satisfied & Holy Mentorship
  • Time Management Coaching
  • Time Mgmt. & Org. Coaching


Session Details

Quantity: Single Session

Length: 30 Minutes

Location: Virtual

“I lay an axe to the root of what is stopping you from breaking through” (Isaiah 54:17) ~ Apostle Ashleigh Claytor


About Apostle Ashleigh, Ph.D

Known for her tell-it-like-is pragmatism, Apostle Ashleigh Claytor brings the classic incisive, agile, and eternal wisdom of a contemporary Apostle. Ap. Ashleigh has been a praise and worship leader for 20 years and an Executive Assistant to Dr. Paula Price for 17 years.

Ap. Ashleigh brings a refreshing sense of humor with her two-dimensional training geared toward advancing both the leader and their team members. Advisement sessions are infused with apostolic wisdom and prophetic insight combined with practical application and clear plans for moving forward in the client’s situations.

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Areas of Specialization

    • Prophetic Mentorship
    • Prophetic Training
    • Prophetic Counseling
    • Prophetic Strategy
    • Soul Health and Wellness
    • Intercession & Advocacy


    • Prophecy Interpretation
    • Dream Interpretation
    • Prophetic Diagnostics
    • Prophetic Warfare & Strategy
    • Prophetic Intercession


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