Planting Prophets Everywhere
Planting Prophets Everywhere

Amid all the controversy surrounding the prophetic, another issue that may be greatly misunderstood is personal prophecy. Below are some answers to common questions that address its major concerns.

Dr. Paula A. Price, Renowned Author of
The Prophet’s Dictionary

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is prophecy?

2. Why is prophecy needed?

3. Who is prophecy for?

4. Should “personal prophecy” be practiced?

5. Why should people receive personal prophecy?

6. What is the biblical basis for personal prophecy?

7. What value is personal prophecy to people and why does God permit it?

8. Should people seek personal prophecy?

9. Does Scripture allude to or record anything akin to a prophetic presbytery?

10. What are the means of receiving personal prophecy?

11. What about false prophecy?

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