Planting Prophets Everywhere
Planting Prophets Everywhere

The Prophets Handbook details the roles and duties of the prophetic in the church and clearly explains its necessity.


Dr. Paula Price intelligently and skillfully explains the function and responsibilities of local church prophets and those who prophesy.


Her years of research and ministry have led to the ultimate guide to prophecy in the local church.


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Glossary of Key Terms and Phrases

These are the terms and phrases that are found in the glossary of The Prophet’s Handbook. While they maintain the same numerical assignment as the Handbook, they do not always appear sequentially, as this list is being revised.

1. Agency

An extension of an organization in a remote location authorized to transact business on its behalf.

2. Agent

An authorized representative of an organization.

3. Biblical Prophetics

Prophetics based on and operated in accordance with those described in the Bible.

4. Church Prophet

A prophet stationed in the local church.

5. Commission

A charge, calling, or assignment where delegated authority is given to a person or group dispatched to act on behalf of an organization, country, or company. Involves proxy, ambassadorship, and ministry.

6. Divination

Fortune-telling and predicting by fallen angels.

7. Divine

To tell fortunes and predict the future under the influence of an unclean spirit.

8. Dreams

Visual images communicated to a sleeper.

11. Functionary

One who serves at the behest of an authority and on its behalf.

12. Mentor

One who trains and nurtures another for a profession.

13. Ministry

Service to a deity or religion. May also be to a country or government.

15. Nabi

An official prophet.

17. Office

A position of trust, responsibility, and delegation of derived authority.

18. Officer

A person who occupies an office.

19. Official

The legitimate actions of an officer carrying out an office.

20. Prophecy

A statement of what will be before it happens.

21. Prophet

A spokesperson for a deity; one who invokes the gods.

22. Prophetic

That which proceeds from the prophet’s work and authority.

23. Prophetic Attributes

Traits that characterize prophets, revelations, and predictions.

24. Prophetic Authority

The rule, governance, and influence of the prophet.

25. Prophetic Delegations

Tasks, assignments, and authority received by prophets.

26. Prophetic Function

The professional operations of a prophet.

27. Prophetic Guard

A force of prophets assigned to a church for its spiritual protection.

28. Prophetic Jurisdiction

The spherical territory over which a prophet watches and governs.

29. Prophetic Mantle

The empowered cloak prophets of old wore to identify themselves as prophets.

30. Prophetic Ministration

The service and dispensation of a prophet.

31. Prophetic Orientation

Introductory teachings that expose one to and acquaint one with prophets and the prophetic.

32. Prophetic Sphere

A specific area of human and earthly existence over which a prophet has sway; knowledge and information that communicate the disciplines of prophetic ministry.

33. Church Prophet Superintendent

The head of a local church or prophetic organization.

34. Prophetic Task

Prophetic work assigned by God.

35. Prophetic Territory

The physical and spiritual region of a prophet’s clout.

36. Prophetic Ward

The literal station of a prophet’s ministry or assignment.

37. Protocol

A system of proprietary rules and precepts that govern activities.

38. Prototcratic

Rulership of first founders or superseding authorities.

39. Psalmist

A singing prophetic, one who rhymes and sings predictions and revelations.

40. Realm

A designated area or division on earth.

41. Seer

One who sees what is ordinarily unseen by the natural eye.

43. Sphere

An invisible area or arena of dominance.

44. Symbol

An image or mark meant to signify something else.

45. Territory

A land division.

1186. Prophetic Treatment

The counseling, healing, and deliverance work of the prophet where wisdom, prophecy, and revelation are employed in the course of prophetic ministration. ~ The Prophet’s Dictionary

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