Marriage & Family Services

Ministry Family Coaching


  • How to maintain strong relationships, communications, and connection as a family unit
  • How to balance ministry and family life
  • How to prepare family for public ministry life
  • How to have a successful high-profile marriage
  • How to master private life versus public service
  • How to raise a family who supports the ministry
  • How to help each family member identify their own calling and purpose
  • How to choose the right people to engage in family affairs
  • How to develop a strong family prayer and spiritual life
  • How to keep your family from feeling victimized by ministry life
  • How to properly protect and cover your family from spiritual and ministry warfare
  • How to maintain strong relationships, communications, and connection as a family unit
General Family Coaching


  • How to maintain strong relationships, communications, and connection as a family unit
  • How to develop a strong family prayer and spiritual life
  • How to communicate effectively with your kids
  • How to communicate effectively with your spouse
  • How to mange family life responsibilities
  • How to master family lifetime management
  • How to properly protect and cover your family from spiritual warfare
  • How to spend healthy quality time with family, building unity and camaraderie
  • How to connect at the end of the day
  • How to build trust and honesty
  • How to create healthy bedtime routines
  • How to build healthy boundaries
  • How to handle difficult children
  • How to handle a difficult spouse
  • How to define your family and the family unit
  • How to know God’s destiny for your family
  • How to overcome cultural influences affecting your family life
  • How to handle discipline
  • How to overcome difficult times
  • How to handle conflict resolution
  • How to cope with the development cycles of your children
  • How to maintain a godly home
  • How to handle changes in the family unit
Pre-Marital & Courtship Coaching


  • How to properly court a person before marriage
  • How not to fall in sin and maintain purity before the marriage
  • How to know the basic rules for engagement
  • How to avoid courtship pitfalls
  • How to get know your future spouse
  • How to know you are ready for marriage
  • Asking the right questions before marriage
  • How to plan a successful wedding
Marriage Preparation Coaching


  • How to know you are marrying the right person
  • How to know you are marrying for the right reasonsHow to prepare for marriage
  • How to develop a godly marriage and give you marriage to the Lord
  • How to properly position your marriage in God
  • How to make two people one in a union
  • How to determine spiritual, soulical, mental, ministerial, professional, and financial compatibility
  • How to communicate effectively with your future spouse
  • How to have difficult conversation
  • How to plan for the future with your potential spouse
  • How to prepare financially for marriage
  • How to prepare your children for a new spouse
  • How to prepare your spouse for your children
  • How to discuss parameters for divorce
  • How to handle family in-laws
  • How to build a strong spiritual life
Marriage Reconstruction Coaching
Divorce Recovery


  • How to assess, heal, and move forward after divorce
  • How to communicate your divorce status to friends and family
  • How to explore the challenges presented in the marriage that may affect future responses, actions and behaviors
  • How to emotionally, spiritually and physically process the effects of ending your union
  • How to manage unresolved issues and irreconcilable hurts and wounds
  • How to handle the effects of divorce on your spiritual walk with God
  • How to resolve prophetic words, promises and destinies tied to the marriage
  • How to assess the soul sources of your previous marital covenant
  • How to become equipped to accept the reality of the loss and repair life gaps that remain
  • How to Identify soul susceptibilities that would perpetuate repeat cycles
  • How to exchange soul intoxifications for truth serums that reset your soul and your life
  • How to overcome your unrealized life or marriage dreams
  • How to break lingering soul ties and bondages that prevent growth and progress
  • How to handle debt and financial challenges post divorce
  • How to restore your soul and install God’s vision- Picturing Life for You Now
  • How to rebuild your life as a single person
  • How to handle loneliness
  • How to handle when your ex-spouse moves on
  • How to handle the new spouse’s relationship with your children
  • How to manage courtship after divorce
  • How to know when you are ready to move on to another relationship
  • How to rediscover your identity in Christ
Coparenting Coaching


  • How to coparent post divorce or separation
  • Co-parenting strategies for conflict resolution, cooperation, and peace
  • How to maintain dignified communications amongst parents and step parents
  • How to properly introduce new spouse into the lives of your children
  • How to provide a safe environment for your children during transitional phases in parenting
  • How to overcome and/or avoid poor co-parenting behaviors
  • How to establish healthy boundaries for the best interest of the children
  • How to best navigate incongruent parenting styles
  • How to handle the different belief systems and spirituality of each parent
  • How to counteract parental manipulation by parents or children
  • How to neutralize parental retaliation by parents or children
  • How to develop strategies for decision making and life management
Parenting Coaching

  • How to develop your children’s identity
  • How to develop your children’s strengths
  • How to cultivate your children’s weaknesses
  • How to develop your children’s souls
  • How to guard your child’s mental health
  • How to find the best methods for healthy correct and discipline
  • How to set healthy boundaries and build strong relationships
  • How to become your children’s mentor and leader
  • How to communicate effectively with your children at all ages
  • How to shift parenting styles from age to age
  • How to balance your career with parenting
  • How to prepare your children for the future
  • How to help your children develop a relationship with Christ
  • How to help your children develop a good prayer life
  • How to manage children with different beliefs than your own
  • How to set healthy rules for the home to encourage emotional stability, spiritual soundness, and godly character
  • How to manage difficult and strong-willed children
  • How to handles issues of sexuality, relationships and dating

Special Categories

  • How to parent special needs children
  • How to parent children with medical needs
  • How to parent adopted children
  • How to parent prophetic kids
  • How to parent stepkids Parenting
Kids Coaching

  • How to find their identity
  • How to read the Bible
  • How to develop a strong prayer life
  • How to make friends
  • How to handle problems/conflict
  • How to build your confidence/self-esteem
  • How to have a good relationship with parents and siblings
  • How to excel in school
  • How to get along with others
  • How to build healthy relationships
  • How to cope with peer pressure
  • How to handle their emotions
  • How to handle abuse
  • How to communicate difficult things
  • How to command your day
  • How to prepare for the future
Youth Coaching
Living Single Coaching

Marriage & Family Advisors

Apostle Ashleigh Claytor

“I lay an axe to the root of what is stopping you from breaking through” – Isaiah 54:17

Apostle Sally Chaney

“I partner with you through the storm.” – Galatians 6:1-2

Asst. Ch. Prophet Angela Powers

“I enforce God’s destiny for your life.” – Job 22:28

Prophet Tamira Alexander

“I unlock the codes of healing in you. You are carrying your healing and the world is waiting for your BIG reveal!” – 3 John 1:2

Prophet C.T. Johnson

“I empower your thinking to comprehend life from God’s perspective.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

Dellaresa Woodert

“I ensure you understand what God has on His mind for you, your family, and your economy.” – Proverbs 2:6-9

Dr. Oywedia Johnson

“I draw out the deep counsel in your heart, waiting to be released in your life.” –  Proverbs 20:5

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