Dr. Tala Price, Chief Prophet
Senior Destiny Specialist

From Hindsight to Foresight

Mentorship & Prophecy Coaching

Prophetic Function

Apostolic Prophet with an emphasis in Oracular Power Prophetics, Military, and Warfare.

Areas of Specialization

    • Prophetic Mentorship
    • Prophetic Training
    • Prophetic Counseling
    • Prophetic Strategy
    • Career Development
    • Ministry Development
    • Destiny Placement
    • Life Coaching
    • Business Coaching
    • Health and Wellness
    • Intercession & Advocacy
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    • Prophetic Intercession
    • Prophetic Diagnostics
    • Prophetic Entrepreneurship
    • Prophecy Interpretation
    • Dream Interpretation
    • Prophetic Guardianship

How Do I Know Which Service is Right For Me?

At Prophetic-Ed Institute Agency of Oklahoma, we know that seeking prophetic guidance for the first time can be intimidating. Here is a snapshot of our core services, to help you decide.


This service provides advice, direction or guidance on an issue from a prophetic perspective. It can include predictive elements but is not driven by it. This service can include strategic counsel, implementation, and prophetic coaching. 

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Crisis Intervention

This service provides advisement, spiritual support, intervention from a prophetic perspective for those facing a crisis. It can include predictive elements but is not driven by it. This service offers prophetic enforcement, covering, and guardianship.

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This service provides ongoing partnership, and collaboration for personal, professional, ministerial or spiritual development. Mentorship combines coaching with training, instruction, skills building and life advancement opportunities.

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Prophecy Coaching

This service offers professional expertise  to those looking to better understand their prophetic word, vision or dream. This services helps participants understand what their dreams mean, and assist in working through its manifestation. It can include a predictive element but is not driven by it. This is a coaching service designed to provide a second opinion. 

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This service provides intercession and prayer for those looking to receive additional support during a time of need. We offer this with all of our plan based services as a reinforcement. It is also available for anyone who requires spiritual intervention.  Learn More

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About Chief Prophet Tala

As a minister with over 20 years of experience assessing, cultivating, and treating the issues of the soul that adversely affect personal development, Dr. Tala has mentored many into destiny fulfillment which is one of her primary passions. Working with her mother to establish a full fledge assessment and ministry consulting firm, PPM Global Resources, Tala gained valuable expertise in human development, making her a qualified success life developer. It was a natural outgrowth of her years of service in ministry as her mother’s right hand operations manager and chief prophet where she learned to train and coach various types of people through her education and experience.

In 2007, Dr. Tala Price was ordained as a prophet and appointed as the Chief Prophet over New Era Apostleship Restitution, a global collaborative of Five-Fold ministers whose purpose is to promote the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. This was followed by receiving her PhD in Religious Studies with an emphasis in prophetics. This would result in her first published book “Educating the Prophet,” a resource currently being used to enlightened and even influence both senior and emerging prophets understanding of this ministry position. She now offers an entire coaching program called “Partner with A Prophet,” that helps people integrate the voice and intervention of God in their daily lives.

Tala’s heart for prophets coupled with the growing need for education and unification for these ministers led her to launch a professional mentorship union, 2020 Prophetics. This would serve as a professional outlet for prophets to come together and discuss topics related to their purpose and service to believers and even non-believers as public servants. This opened the door for her to provide tools to Christians such as “prophecy coaching” that would assist in a better understanding of how this position operates and its benefits.

Whether Dr. Tala is building you to be a better person, business owner, or believer of Jesus Christ, her commitment will always be for your success. Dr. Tala is here for you to WIN. Book her today for your next venture, pursuit or endeavor.

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