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Business Operations Management Coaching with Sadé Banks, MBA (Subscription)

$149.99 (Less. tax) / month

Our Business and Career Services

Offered by Sadè Banks, MBA:
  • Business Development Coaching
  • Business Ops. Mgmt. Coaching
  • Business Planning & Strategic Coaching
  • Business Self Defense Coaching
  • Entrepreneurial Coaching



Session Details

Quantity: Subscription
Length: 60 Minutes
Location: Virtual

“I unlock to your business’ 6 & 7 figure potential, the Kingdom Way.” (Psalm1:1-3) ~ P.I.T. Sadé Banks, MBA

About Sadè Banks

Sadé Banks a.k.a “Ms. Bankable,” is mandated to equip God’s generation of Holy Spirit-filled entrepreneurs to build bankable businesses for the economic advancement of the Kingdom. Under the apostleship of Dr. Paula Price, Sadé is passionate about seeing Kingdompreneurs gain in the ability to give Christ a Voice, Influence, Vote, Access, and Seat at the decision-making tables of the world.

Meet Sadé Banks, MBA

Areas of Specialization 

  • Prophetic Business Insight
  • Monetization Strategies
  • Removal of Profit Blockages
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Intercession & Guardianship
  • Business Analytics



  • Business Plan Creation
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Diagnostics
  • Operations Management
  • Systems & Automation
  • Leadership
  • Marketing


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