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Youth Coaching with Prophet Norma (Subscription) (Copy)

$99.99 (Less. tax) / month

Youth Coaching: 

  • Encourages personal development in youth ages 12-17
  • Helps youth navigate life changes from a biblical perspective
  • Helps youth establish routines and success habits
  • Helps youth cultivate a solid lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Gives youth tools needed to overcome peer pressure

Marriage and Family Services

Offered by Prophet Norma Cover:
  • Ministry Family Coaching
  • General Family Coaching
  • Youth Coaching
  • Kids Coaching


Session Details

Quantity: Subscription
Length: 60 Minutes
Location: Virtual

“I pray until God has heard and His answer is manifested in your life!’ (Philippians 4:6) ~ Prophet Norma McDaniel

About Prophet Norma McDaniel

Prophet Norma McDaniel is an up and coming prophetic voice blazing a trail in prophetic intercession in God’s kingdom. Prophet Norma has committed her life to prayer, spiritual warfare, and prophetic guardianship as a senior intercessor and now as a member of a global prophetic company.
Meet Prophet Norma

Areas of Specialization 

    • Prophetic Guardianship
    • Prophetic Watchcare
    • Prophetic Warfare & Strategy
    • Prophetic Intercession



    • Healing and Deliverance
    • Financial Breakthrough
    • Intercession & Advocacy



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