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Spiritual Development Prophet Tamira (Subscription)

$149.99 (Less. tax) / month

Our Soul and Spirit Services

Offered by Prophet Tamira Cover:
  • 3D Soul Restoration Coaching
  • Worship Coaching
  • Prophecy Interpretation
  • Prayer Coaching
  • Spiritual Development
  • Prophetic Ministry Coaching
  • Ministry Mentorship



Session Details

Quantity: Subscription
Length: 60 Minutes
Location: Virtual

“I pray until God has heard and His answer is manifested in your life!” (Philippians 4:6) ~ Prophet Tamira McDaniel

About Prophet Tamira Alexander

Prophet Tamira Alexander is an official prophet of New Era Apostleship Restitution under Chief Apostle, Dr. Paula Price. She serves on the NEAR Global Prophetic Company as a prophetic voice for its services and ministries. Most people recognize Prophet Tamira as the host of The Prophet’s Circle, a weekly live broadcast featured by God’s Royal Network.
Meet Prophet Tamira

Areas of Specialization 

    • Prophetic Mentorship
    • Prophetic Training
    • Prophetic Counseling
    • Career Development
    • Ministry Development
    • Destiny Placement
    • Life Coaching
    • Business Coaching
    • Intercession & Advocacy



    • Prophetic Intercession
    • Prophetic Diagnostics
    • Prophetic Entrepreneurship
    • Prophecy Interpretation
    • Soul & Health Wellness
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Prophetic Guardianship



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