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Purchase & Acquisition Coaching with Dellaresa Woodert, MBA, DD h.c. (15 mins – Single Session)

$39.99 (Less. tax)

Our Business and Career Services Cover:

  • Business Prayer
  • Interviewing
  • Resume Building
  • Financial Planning
  • Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • Career & Professional Coaching
  • Home Based Business Coaching
  • Marketing & Branding Coaching
  • Event Coaching
  • Business Development Coaching
  • Public Speaking and Presentation
  • Business Financial Planning Coaching
  • Business Planning & Strategic Coaching
  • Business Operations Management Coaching
  • Purchase and Acquisition Coaching
  • Real Estate Coaching


Session Details

Quantity: Single Session
Length: 15 Minutes
Location: Virtual

“I ensure you understand what God has on His mind for you, your family, and your economy.” (Proverbs 2:6-9) ~ Dellaresa Woodert

About Dellaresa Woodert

Dellaresa Woodert mentors and coaches with a commitment to bringing answers to questions that are affect your economy. She focuses on the entire spectrum of one’s economy. Meaning, using the total sum of what one has to arrange and utilize them to best serve the needs, interest, and pursuits of one’s life. God’s economy involves spiritual giftings, talents, and abilities, including ethics, morality, and qualities that ensure the fulfillment God assigns.

Meet Dellaresa Woodert, MBA, DD h.c.

Areas of Specialization 

    • Prophetic Coaching
    • Prophetic Mentorship
    • Educating and Training
    • Leadership Training
    • Marriage & Parental Coaching
    • Teen Financial Coaching & Tips



    • Prophetic Teacher & Ministry Trainer
    • Literary Prophetics
    • Financial Coaching Fundamentals
    • Business Intelligence
    • How Money Works
    • Prophetic Insight



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