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Prayer Coaching with Apostle Sally (Subscription)

$149.99 (Less. tax) / month

Our Soul and Spirit Services

Offered by Apostle Sally Cover:
  • 3D Soul Restoration Coaching
  • Build Your Worship Team Coaching
  • Dreams and Visions Coaching
  • Ministry Mentorship
  • Prayer Coaching
  • Prophetic Company Coaching
  • Prophecy Interpretation
  • Prophetic Ministry Coaching
  • Spiritual Development Coaching
  • Worship Coaching



Session Details

Quantity: Subscription
Length: 60 Minutes
Location: Virtual


“I partner with you through the storm.” (Galatians 6:1-2) ~ Apostle Sally Chaney


About Apostle Sally Chaney

Apostle Chaney founded Rising to the Top Embassy International in 1998. Her ministry career, to this point, has shown that heaven has gripped her to confront, ignite, and give expression to the moves of the Spirit for this and successive seasons in the body of Christ. She has worked in ministry for over 45 years and has had a rich experience in preaching, pastoring, teaching, and training (seminar, prayer, leadership, and worship).


Meet Apostle Sally


Areas of Specialization

    • Prophetic Mentorship
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Ministry Coaching
    • Soul Health and Wellness
    • Intercession and Advocacy



    • Leadership Development
    • Ministry Development
    • Team Building
    • Spiritual Support
    • Crisis Intervention