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Loss & Recovery Coaching with Dellaresa Woodart (Subscription)

$149.99 (Less. tax) / month

Our Grief and Loss Services

Offered by Dellaresa Woodert, MBA, DD h.c. Cover:
  • Life Advisement
  • Loss of Business Coaching
  • Loss of Job Coaching
  • Loss of Ministry Coaching


Session Details

Quantity: Subscription

Length: 60 Minutes

Location: Virtual

“I ensure you understand what God has on His mind for you, your family, and your economy.” (Proverbs 2:6-9) ~ Dellaresa Woodert

About Dellaresa Woodert

Dellaresa Woodert mentors and coaches with a commitment to bringing answers to your professional, ministerial, and relational needs. With over 30 years of working in the areas of her specialization, utilizing her skills has motivated many, brought resolution, and unraveled confusion. Her ministry brings strategies and solutions to people in various areas of influence and focus. She mentors and coaches from the perspective of knowing that there is an answer to wherever there is a question.

Meet Dellaresa Woodert, MBA, DD h.c.

Areas of Specialization

    • Prophetic Coaching
    • Prophetic Mentorship
    • Educating and Training
    • Leadership Training
    • Marriage & Parental Coaching
    • Teen Financial Coaching & Tips


    • Prophetic Teacher & Ministry Trainer
    • Literary Prophetics
    • Financial Coaching Fundamentals
    • Business Intelligence
    • How Money Works
    • Prophetic Insight