How Do I Know Which Service is Right For Me?

At Prophetic-Ed Institute Agency of Oklahoma, we know that seeking prophetic guidance for the first time can be intimidating.  Here is a snapshot of our core services to help you decide.

Marriage and Family
    • How to maintain strong relationships, communications, and connection as a family unit
    • How to develop a strong family prayer and spiritual life
    • How to communicate effectively with your kids
    • How to communicate effectively with your spouse
    • How to mange family life responsibilities
    • How to master family lifetime management
    • How to properly protect and cover your family from spiritual warfare
    • How to spend healthy quality time with family, building unity and camaraderie
    • How to connect at the end of the day
    • How to build trust and honesty
    • How to create healthy bedtime routines
    • How to build healthy boundaries
    • How to handle difficult children
    • How to handle a difficult spouse
    • How to define your family and the family unit
    • How to know God’s destiny for your family
    • How to overcome cultural influences affecting your family life
    • How to handle discipline
    • How to overcome difficult times
    • How to handle conflict resolution
    • How to cope with the development cycles of your children
    • How to maintain a godly home
    • How to handle changes in the family unit
Business and Career
    • Interviewing
    • Event Planning
    • Entrepreneurial Coaching
    • Monthly Business Coaching
    • Elite Business Monthly Package
    • Career & Professional Coaching
    • Business Development Coaching
    • Public Speaking and Presentation
    • Purchase and Acquisition Coaching
    • Business Financial Planning Coaching
    • Business Planning & Strategic Coaching
    • Business Operations Management Coaching

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Ministry and Leadership
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Prophetic Intelligence Strategy
    • Leadership Coaching & Strategy
    • Leadership Team Development
    • Prophetic Assessments
    • Ministry Development
    • Ministry Assessment

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Soul and Spirit
    • 3D Soul Restoration
    • Worship Coaching
    • Prophetic Company Coaching
    • Prophecy Interpretation Coaching
    • Prayer Coaching
    • Spiritual Development
    • Dreams and Visions Coaching
    • Prophetic Ministry Coaching
    • Ministry Mentorship

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Life and Health
    • General Advisement
    • Life Skills Coaching
    • Time Management & Organization Coaching
    • Youth Prayervisement
    • Youth Advisement
    • Budget & Financing
    • Purpose and Destiny Coaching
    • Credit & Financial Planning
    • Health and Wellness Coaching
    • Life Advisement

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Prayer and Support
    • Family Prayer
    • Marriage Prayer
    • MInistry Prayer
    • Pre-Marital Prayer
    • Business Prayer
    • Career Prayer
    • School Prayer
    • Financial Prayer
    • Mental Health Prayer
    • Healing and Deliverance Prayer
    • General Prayer

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Grief and Loss
    • Grief Counseling
    • Loss of Business
    • Loss of Home
    • Loss of Job
    • Loss of Ministry
    • Loss of Position
    • COVID 19 Loss Management
    • Chaplaincy
    • End of life care

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Crisis and Setbacks
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Mediation & Conflict Resolution
    • Medical Crisis
    • Ministry Crisis
    • Personal Crisis
    • Business Crisis
    • Spiritual Warfare

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Executive Leadership Services
    • Executive Leadership Coaching
    • Ministry Leadership Coaching
    • Ministry Marriage Coaching
    • Team Retreats
    • Executive Crisis Intervention
    • Executive Strategic Planning
    • Spiritual Covering & Guidance
    • 1 on 1 Executive Leadership Training

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